Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Clarity today means something different than it meant five years ago. Today clarity means standing still & examining all aspects of any given situation. Everything is subject to scrutiny my motives, your motives, the arena I find myself in etc. Five years ago unbeknownst to myself clarity was mostly subject to my reactions or feelings. I was unaware that there may have been flaws in my perceptions of things. Today I am a seeker, a student an examiner. I double check my words and say what I mean. It is important that I say what I mean and handle any fallout. I minimize the possibility of feeling like I want to snatch my words out of the air after I say them. Honesty without brutality is my goal. Live it, know it, be it. Be clear.

Monday, August 10, 2009


What do we value above all else? There are many things in life that human beings view as valuable. Food and shelter, Financial security, employment , respect from others and love are all valuable. Maslow's pyramid/ladder of human needs tells us we must satisfy basic and safety needs before we can obtain higher needs such as belonging, esteem and self actualization. In my view we are not aware of higher needs until basic needs are satisfied. How can we truly value esteem and self actualization when we are cold, hungry, naked and homeless? Value may simply be relative to where we are in our lives. What about those who obtain too much too soon? Basic and safety needs are satisfied but something is still missing. What is the right equation? Perhaps each individual has his or her own unique "encoded" way to navigate human needs. I don't know what the correct answer is. I know it is easy to say money can't buy happiness when you have it. I know the grass appears to be greener on whatever side I am not on. I personally have to work for everything I have ever obtained in my life whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual but that is my path. I have learn to accept the fact that I must work for everything. I believe God knew what he was doing when he made me. I value my life and I am by no means compeletly satisfied so I keep striving for what I want. I must stay on my path.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Health is a vast topic; physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual health culminate to make us the people we are or have yet to become. We have all heard the phrase "without our health we have nothing." well, that phrase takes years to really understand. The meaning of good health becomes clear when we understand what good health is. We can be in great physical health but extremely poor emotional health. We can believe we have a healthy sex life but suffer with dis-eased spiritual health and be totally unaware of the complete lack of what it means to be healthy. Taking responsibility for what it really means to achieve wholeness, soundness, wellness, heartiness, happiness is monumental. The good news is that each of us is born with the exact amount of time we need to accomplish the task of living completely and freely healthy. We are not born with a manual to live because we were given the gift of free will and therefore, we must choose to accept and deliberately exercise our gift of free will. We cannot fake it or the universe will know. We cannot turn our will over to others or again the universe will know. We must boldly choose to be happy, healthy and free.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How important is...

Alignment is extremely important in romantic relationships. How important is alignment in relationships generally? We meet people everyday and some of these people enter spaces in our lives. Some people become friends, some become associates and some people become familiar strangers. Friends are people who are the family we choose for ourselves. Associates are people who for whatever reasons do not penetrate the friendship barrier and can still have a valuable place in our lives. Familiar strangers are people we see often & for whatever reason neither party makes a move to get to know the other person. Question: Is alignment really important in all relationships or should we allow our friends to be who they are? Should we truly take our friends as they are or do we pretend to accept them & secretly judge them? I believe we do the latter often.